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Is your data well protected by an up-to-date firewall? In addition to great security at server level, all the layers below must not be forgotten. Every PC, every phone is a vulnerable device and despite training your staff they can still click (fish) on a link in the email. Also, downloading an unknown file can go wrong and cause a vulnerability throughout the whole network. Even an employee’s private laptop that logs in from home without proper security software can transmit a virus to the business network.

One of the biggest “cybercrime” concerns of a business owner should be hostage data. In many cases, large sums of money are being demanded or vulnerable personal data will be made public. Protect your business by properly securing all endpoints with second gen protection as well. We can offer you a solution. 

Integrating the right end-to-end security program is a complex proposition. We help to make it easier by working with you to identify your vulnerabilities, and to design a cybersecurity strategy that addresses them. Our cybersecurity expertise can support security program integration across your enterprise—from your network’s core to devices at the edge.

We are based in The Netherlands

Our support team will communicate in english. Our office hours are from 09:00 – 17:00 CET. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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